If nudity was legal everywhere…

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

(c), from the movie Les Textiles (c), from the movie Les Textiles

I was having my morning coffee, after my workout, naked as every day, and this idea came to me: what would happen if nudity was completely legal everywhere? I mean what would happen if anybody can chose to be nude to go shopping, go to the office, or go to the beach? The first thought that came to me was that it would just be fantastic! No need to think about what to wear to go out in the morning. No need to think about what people would think if they see you nude. No need to think about where to go on holiday, as all places would be nude friendly.

But of course, for us nudists, the world would be just this: a fantastic liberated world from the constraints of clothing, a world of free choice in which we could chose to stay…

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NUDITY : Wait…so my performing arts class requires me to be naked?

Image Credit : Beniamino Barrese Ricci Forte Performing Arts

Image Credit : Beniamino Barrese Ricci Forte Performing Arts

So apparently there is a parent of a student (College student at that) who is appalled at the idea that in order for her performing arts student to graduate she will have to perform on stage in the nude:


To quote the mother “It bothers me, I’m not sending her to school for this…”  So, I am confused, mom of said student…you wanted your daughter to go to college, but you were in the dark that college art classes may expose your child to nudity or better yet, will require your child to go nude?

Personally, unless this student happens to be a minor and going to college, I am all for it.  Nudity should be experienced, it should be appreciated, it should be shared.  Nudity, exposes us, it rips away our status, it removes our defenses and shows the world who we are.  In a live performance there is no chance for soft lighting or camera angles, there are no air brushes there is no level of modern technology that is going to hide any of our imperfections.  Live nude performances are in your face, raw, and presents you to the world in a way that nothing else can.

Of course…what do I know?

NUDITY : Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian stripped down yet again for a nude photo shoot on the May 10 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  Image Credit: E! Entertainment

Kim Kardashian stripped down yet again for a nude photo shoot on the May 10 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Image Credit: E! Entertainment

So, Kim Kardashian always seems to find a way to get into my morning news feed.  And almost always it is because she has chosen to go nude for one reason or another.  Personally, I don’t really know why Kim Kardashian, or the Kardashian’s in general have become so famous over the last few years.  I am certain why they have so much money or why they are considered celebrities at all…but as someone who enjoys getting as much naked time as possible, I say if you want to maintain your claim to fame by being naked.  Go for it.

Figure & Culture – Page 3 vs. Free the Nipple

Sophie White Photography

For my final images I decided to use two different light set ups. The first consisted of a soft box to create very natural and soft lighting. The second used the beauty dish to create very flattering and bright lighting. This was to portray the natural woman and the confident ‘made up’ woman. The first set of images featured models with minimal to no make up and the second featured heavy make up. This was for stark contrast and when presented with their opinions underneath the images on both topics it really helped strip down what is really being said and who it is by. For instance, a popular opinion was that page 3 degraded women in today’s age and under the minimal image above that worked well. An unpopular but still valuable opinion was that it actually liberated women who did that kind of modelling professionally – under the…

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Hodge Podge – Body Acceptance and Life Lessons

My wife told me this morning that she found it outlandish that as a society we are very hypocritical.  There is a huge movement somewhere out there pushing for fat acceptance and encouraging people to just be happy with who they are. It is to this reasoning that I write today…

My wife made reference to the following story she read online (http://www.koreabang.com/2012/pictures/celebrity-tweets-photo-of-fat-foreigner-is-forced-to-apologise.html).  This might not be the exact article she was reading, but it provides context to my frustration.  People are really quick to bash this actress for speaking her mind.  Yes, this actress is fit…for better or worse, her job requires her to be.  She received a great deal of backlash for poking fun at another patron in the restaurant who appeared overweight.

What I don’t understand is this.  If I am skinny and I make fun of someone who is overweight, I get told that I am wrong for doing so.  Yet, these same people tell me that I need to go eat a cheese burger because I am too skinny.   So, then it is okay if I am fat, to make fun of someone who is skinny?

We as a society seem to have a problem with body acceptance and more importantly tolerance.  If someone is too skinny we mock them, if someone is fat, we mock them.  If someone looks normal, we mock them.  Why do we have to mock?  Why can’t we simple accept the fact that all of our bodies will be different and they will be the result of our lifestyle choices.

Do I think what the S. Korean actress did was wrong…?  Yes, and no.  I think as a public figure, she should understand that everything she does will be under careful watch so everything she does, says, or posts can be taken offensively. She should be mindful and always try to put the best foot forward in order to set the best example.  It’s part of the assumed “public figure” contract.  She has a right to her opinion, everyone does.  I don’t think that applying abusive criticism is the best way to discourage her from making her private thoughts public.

As individuals we all have rights, and they only extend as far as reaching the next person.  In the US, I have freedom of speech, as long as it doesn’t infringe upon another persons freedom of speech.  I must always be mindful that what I say may infringe upon someone another persons freedoms, therefore I need to choose what I say carefully.  I guess it all boils down to resisting the urge to be spontaneous, and think before you act.

Tech Advice – Things seen, but never noticed…

So for some time now, I was aware that Google, offered Google Drive which came with Google Docs.  Giving me a Googlefied version of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.  I’ve used these for many years now and have had no issue.  When I received my new Windows 8.1 computer and started getting into OneDrive and Microsoft’s online version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint…I thought cool, no need to BUY Office ever again.  Now I just realized that Apple is offering “Pages, Numbers’ and Keynote.”  All in “beta” but again a free version of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Why bring this up?  When you work in IT, you will (…or maybe it is just me, it’s presumptuous to assume everyone who works in IT will receive the same complaint) get employees whine and complain about not having Office installed on their computers.  Office, is a very expensive license to purchase, and volume licensing through Microsoft is outrageous.  I have now played with all of these versions of Word Editing, Spreadsheet management, and slide show creators and for everyone’s basic needs and even some advanced needs these FREE apps fit the bill.

All that is needed is an account with said service.  This might go against the traditional IT policy, but I think if more businesses started moving to cloud they could cut costs dramatically.  Migrate the business to Google to manage email services and enjoy all that Google has to offer.  Don’t like Google, great, Microsoft and Apple now both offer similar services.  Oh, and if you bring up Open Office, yes, I am familiar with that service too.